Unit 1

EDLM 525: Developing Leadership Capacity Through Reflective Practice

Understanding Self as an Individual and as a Learner

As a daughter of the Songhees First Nation living in Metis/Cree territory, I have connected with the land in order to fully understand who I am and what my educational purpose is. I have dedicated my education to attempt to help heal some of the residual emotional trauma from the Residential School system and from the results of the ’60’s scoop. Decolonizing the curriculum and humanizing the classroom has been my main purpose.

A graduate of the Indian Teacher Education Program through the University of Saskatchewan in 1998, I have spent my career in northern Saskatchewan. Through the lens of a Critical, Social Justice theoretical background, I have utilized my learnings, Cultural, spiritual and formal, to shape my current pedagogy

As a beginner “Reflective Practictioner I am continually learning throughout EDLM 525 on a multitude of levels involving self reflection, my cohort, connecting articles and books that we have read to real world applications. Through reflecting on myself as an individual and a learner, I saw how my journey as a learner, educator and middle administrator led me to participate in the MAELM program.

Ruth Heyler (2015), outlines the process by providing learners with opportunities to write a number of short written works to purposefully reflect on self. Support from classmates can assist in the reflective process. These learnings are then transferred to a portfolio.

Heyler, R. (2015). “Learning through reflection: The critical role of reflection in work- based learning(WBL). Journal of Work Applied Management, Vol 7 Issue 1, pp. 15-27. 

My First Photovoice Project. I had never heard of Photovoice before and was not used to hearing my own voice and was unsure of how to achieve the intended purpose. Reading Ruth Heyler’s article (2015) and Budig, Diez, Conde, Sastre, Hernan, & Franco (2018) assisted providing information and ideas for future projects. Listening to this was painful for me and made me realize that it is time to “find my voice”. This realization helped shape the next lessons in the course.

Linda Liebenberg (2018) explains that one of the theories that shape photovoice is Paulo Friere’s Critical Pedagogy. He put teachers and students together, “as equals, where they collaboratively cocreate knowledge through a process of collective introspection and dialogue” in order to bring about social change.

Liebenberg, L. (2018). thinking critically about photovoice: Achieving Empowerment and Social Change. International Journal of Qualitative Methods. Vol. 17; pp. 1-9.

What People Say

I cannot teach without exposing who I am

Paulo Friere

It is our choices, Harry, that show what we truly are, far more than our abilities.

J. K. Rowling

Teaching is freedom

Paulo Friere

Creating with yarn, baking and a new interest in sewing, has always been therapeutic for me while I listen to music, audio recordings or watch t.v. I am mainly self-taught and this has helped me transfer knowledge and skills in other areas

I think that Percy the Peacock needs special mention as he provided many hours of entertainment and was an excellent alarm clock for 5:00 a.m. work. Anna, I believe, was the one to name him. The pictures below, are ones that I took throughout Residency.

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