Dig Deep: Following the Process of Change

EDLM 525: Developing Leadership Capacity through Reflective Practice Royal Roads University August 17, 2019 Frederic Fovet From Classroom Notes to Practice During Residency when we were discussing our papers and research, I heard Frederic say “Dig Deep”, in regards to research papers.  He also mentioned that when you find a secondary source, look to findContinue reading “Dig Deep: Following the Process of Change”

As a Neophyte Reflective Beginner

As a the MAELM Residency began and we continued to create presentations and write our assignments, I realized how we were continually learning on a multitude of levels through self-reflection (Heyler, 2015). It wasn’t until I looked back at all that we had accomplished and realized that the EDLM 525 course was designed as HelyerContinue reading “As a Neophyte Reflective Beginner”