Unit 2, Continued

Understanding Self as a Team Member and Learner

Thanks Magisto.com

Actually, Thanks to Gerald and Danielle, while collaborating with my cohort, I “found” Magisto.com. This user-friendly app, helped me create this reflection of my trip to Victoria from northern Saskatchewan for the MAELM two-week Residency, a truly “Life.Changing” event.

It was reflecting on the Residency experience and why I chose to take the MAELM program, that I realized some of my own challenges. Since October 2016, I viewed myself as a “survivor” of a rollover accident. My life focused on healing from that with physiotherapy up to five days a week over a two year period. After surgery, I was on crutches and eventually placed on some mobility restrictions. My view of myself was of a recovering accident survivor.

All of a sudden, I was in the “real world”. I was a student again, using a cane to navigate stairs and hard surfaces, battling pain on a daily basis. Every single stair that I saw was a challenge. When I first arrived at Royal Roads University, and the elevator was out of service, I saw stairs EVERYWHERE…I cried that first day!

I saw myself as others might see me, not as a survivor, but as a person with physical limitations. Someone who is slow and holds up the rest of the class. To be fair, everyone was kind, thoughtful and respectful. I started to see how physical limitations need to be handled in the classroom in a respectful manner and considerations need to be made for different people in different ways, depending on their needs.

Building Teams

“Peers learn from each other in purposeful, specific ways to improve learning in the school” Fullan, 2014

Fullan, M. (2014).

More Team work

The importance of teamwork

One of our projects during Residency was creating a path for team work. Our team chose the theme of the “Yellow Brick Road”. Throughout the journey, there is Humour, Trust and Patience. Building the team involves, Ground Rules, Roles, Shared Vision, Goals, Committment, Communication, etc. Founded in Brain – Intelligence; Heart – Love, Courage and at the end, the knowledge that you had it within you all along to get the job done.

Proud to be part of the MAELM 2019-2021 COHORT


It wasn’t long before I realized that I was the oldest one of the group….and I felt it! I felt out of touch with information, technology and creative learning instructional material. Thanks to this amazing group of people, they patiently showed me new technologies (which I have attempted throughout this portfolio), patiently waited for me to “climb the stairs” of knowledge.

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