Dorm room at Royal Roads University: late nights, early mornings, writing papers and learning technology

I had never heard of Photovoice or voice-over Powerpoint Presentations before Residency. In hindsight, I had seen PowerPoint Presentations with audio, but did not know what they were called or how to create one. When I read Budig et al. (2018), regarding the purpose of Photovoice, I loved the idea. It fit right in line with my Critical Theoretical notions. The idea of creating a visual product in order create change was exciting and daunting. My first attempt utilized a “voice” that I was not comfortable with. Utilizing my newly developing “reflective practitioner” skills, I realized that my “voice” has been stifled for a long time and that it was time to start “finding my voice”. I started practicing this, shortly thereafter.

Budig, K., Diez, J., Paloma, C., Sastre, M., Hernan, M. & Franco, M. (2018). Photovoice and empowerment:Evaluating the transformative potential of a participatory action research project. BMC Public Health. 4/2/2018, Vol. 18 Issue 1, p. 1-9.

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Hi! My Name is Nikki and I am an Educator in northern Saskatchewan studying the Masters of Arts in Education Leadership and Management Program at Royal Roads University...this is my journey

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